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Total Merchant Services offers merchant accounts and FREE credit card terminal / machines for those starting a small, medium, or large business. With Total Merchant Services FREE credit card machines you never have to lease terminals or software again for your retail, internet, mobile or business needs. We offer great low rates and monthly fees regardless if you accept $100 or $1 million per month. You have the options, to choose any of our business services: credit card processing, check guarantee, electronic checks, gift & loyalty card, cash on demand, cell phone credit card processing (Payment Jack), re-occurring billing and more. To setup a merchant account and accept credit cards for your specific business needs call us 888-918-8472! A Total Merchant Services qualified representative will take your application over the phone in 5 - 10 minutes and you will be processing within 2 to 5 business days!

A merchant account from Total Merchant Services means you will have the options of: Cell Phone / Mobile device processing, Free Retail Terminal processing, Free Wireless Terminal processing, Restaurant POS Systems (Aloha, Adelo, Micros, Squirrel and more), e-commerce solutions via or other gateway provider and PC / Mac credit card processing software. In addition, Total Merchant Services now offers mobile cell phone and mobile device credit card processing with our new Payment Jack (aka RoamPay) mobile credit card reader (to see these details and a list of compatible mobile phone and devices please go to our Payment Jack page to select the appropriate Payment Jack / RoamPay mobile credit card reader model G2 or G3X). This mobile processing is perfect if you want to accept credit card on your Apple iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry, Samsung, Motorola or other mobile device and cell phone.

Do you own a small business that delivers or have a service business with technicians? If so, we can customize a merchant account that includes a retail terminal / software for the store plus a mobile credit card reader for cell phone processing that lowers your credit card processing costs and reduces your risks of accepting a bad credit card. Maybe you have an e-commerce business and the occasional sales shows throughout the year; we can help you accept credit cards in both environments. Total Merchant Services can customize this type of hybrid merchant account with various inventory capabilities included POS integration, e-commerce integration and much more; it really depends on your specific business needs. Plus we are now offering complete: Apple iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch integrated processing solution for restaurants, mobile food trucks, service technicians and more.

Please contact us today at 888-918-8472 to discuss your businesses needs. We simply setup an account, then you download our application and we will have you accepting credit cards over your mobile device / cell phone merchant account for just $10 per month!

To get your merchant account by Total Merchant Services activated today and start accepting credit cards in a few days here is what we need:

  1. Completed and signed Total Merchant Services merchant account application.
  2. Copy of a VOIDED CHECK from the account you want your funds deposited into.
    (No Check? We need a letter from the bank on their letterhead stating: the account name, account number, routing number, contact information and signature of the bank representative who drafted the letter).
  3. Plus ONE of the following matching the application: utility bill, business license, articles of incorporation, or if you are processing 3 months of most recent processing statements.

Once you have the Total Merchant Services application completed, please fax the merchant account application, voided check and additional supporting documents to 877-281-3813.

We specialize in customizing a merchant account to fit your businesses unique credit card processing needs. We work with large corporations, small businesses, parking authorities, software developers, doctors, restaurants, service businesses, catering companies and many more. If you have any questions regarding your specific business needs, please contact us at 888-918-8472.


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